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Portraits Photography
Bring the whole family to our studio and we will help you obtain the “History” you can keep!

Invest in professionally captured memories of your generation to last many more generations! Our family sessions include all single portraits and as many group combinations as you would like photographed. Be it black/white, sepia or colour, traditional or contemporary, print or canvas…… you will love our results.

We guarantee to get all ages laughing and having a good time.


  • Make sure you book a time that is best suited and works with the kids sleeping patterns and routines.
  • Make sure you and the kids have plenty of ‘beauty’ sleep the night before…got to look your best!


  • Milk for your baby (if bottle fed, please ensure you bring more than needed just in case). Photo shoots can be strange and unfamiliar to babies but milk is not.
  • Dummies (if your baby uses one, bring a few as they are likely to be dropped).
  • Change of clothes for parents, especially if you’re planning a couple of shots taken of your baby without a nappy on and you’re not going straight home afterwards. (It’s Murphy’s Law here!)


  • Bring along a couple of outfits for everyone depending upon the desired look you are after. (Corporate power suits, casual jeans & t-shirt, black tie formal, sexy lingerie, sports & hobbies, vintage or fancy dress) – Don’t forget your footwear and underwear.
  • Think about where your portrait may hang – plan to wear clothing colours that will also compliment the colours of your room décor.
  • A good idea is to plan for your portrait the night before. Lay your clothing out and select colours that will look good in conjunction with your homes decor colours.
  • We encourage all members of the family to dress in similar colours for group portraits. Co-ordinating clothing colours will enhance the quality of your portraits.
  • Neutral colours are always good and the only thing to really avoid in a group portrait is bold patterns and stripes. Avoid busy fabrics that will detract from your face. Solid fabrics or small prints (calicos or small stripes) are good.
  • Long Sleeves are more flattering especially for female adult subjects.
  • Watch the fingernails! Be sure fingernails are clean and that polish is fresh. Manicured nails are flattering in the finished portrait on both male and female subjects.
  • If you’re still not sure what to wear, bring along several changes and allow our experts to advise you on the day. That way we can also swap and change if necessary during your session to give you the choices of alternative looks.
  • Sentimental jewellery, special props, close to the heart trinkets.


  • Toys to make the kids smile, laugh and feel comfortable.
  • If it is an event or special occasion? (Birthday, graduation, etc.) , feel free to bring in any special items pertaining to this event such as birthday decorations, birthday cake, candles. A favourite blanket, toy, musical instrument or anything else that will truly personalise your child’s portrait is a great idea.

What’s the Plan?

  • Write down and bring on the day any questions you may have and all your ideas about what you want from this photographic session.
  • You will be greeted by smiling staff that will take you through to the studio.
  • Your photographer will introduce themselves and discuss what type of look and images you want from this photographic session.  They will discuss options, ideas and outfits with you so that your session runs nice and smoothly.
  • When the photographic session commences all you need to remember is just listen to the photographer and they will direct you into all the right positions, lighting, where to look and when to smile.  This part of your session will take approximately 1-1½ hours using all combinations, ideas, lighting, props, backgrounds and positioning.
  • The final stage of your session is the viewing.  This is when you will be able to sit down watch a slide show of all the images taken during your session and then working with the photographer and/or their assistant to discuss your favourites and any orders.