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Our suggested baby growth milestones to photograph are as follows:

- Maternity ( mother and father)
- Newborn ( singles and with parents)
- 4 months (baby begins to smile / giggle and show character)
- 6- 8months old (Baby may be close to sitting up and laughing, gurgling, quite responsive to us making them laugh, perhaps crawling photos)

- 1 year old ( standing , propped up or walking shots)

Every moment in your baby’s life is special, choosing when the right time to bring your little one is a personal choice.

With newborns, bring them in at the earliest to capture beautiful images of their tiny, treasured fingers and toes.

Book in a time that fits in with baby when it’s at it happiest-make sure bub has had its nap time and also their feed time.

Bring some things that may help your baby settle

  • Dummies
  • Favourite cuddly toys
  • Food